It all started in the Liquor Dome. The dance moves sealed the deal. Then I found myself in Meadow Lake, SK. And I wondered how I got here. I had chocolate on my fingers but no idea how it got there. 

Life is a strange yet amazing adventure when you take your cat to work everyday. My cat, particularly, enjoys snarling at passersby and fluffing his fur at those who are clearly allergic.

There was once a time (it seems so long ago, now) that I remembered... having such a weird experience.

                                                                                                                                             such a wild experience.

                                                                                                                                             such a child's experience of the world.

That experience has changed me, has affected me, and shaped who I am today. It seems so long ago and yet I'm ready to share that weird and wild experience. And I feel that this experience has affected in me so many ways. I leaned a lot, wanted to cry and ask why. But I have learned, behind every story that everyone has to tell, that no matter how is has been told it has been well. Thank you very much for letting me take part in this day. I have learned so much in every way. So let me ask this of you: take a moment, think, breathe, and see what culture means to you. You will find that it is near and far and will mean a lot to you no matter where you are.

Culture Days 2017 On-going Story

Thank you to everyone who submitted a line to our story during Culture Days! We were so excited to see the creativity of our community. We ended up with multiple stories in one! Read the results below:

This land holds glory in carrying millions of stories -- some stories are roared from mountain peaks, others whispered across the prairies.


This is a very interesting place to visit and for people and for visitors visiting in the city.

Each story like sand, tiny, the colour of a dusty sun. It is those without a voice that can sometimes speak the loudest. The sound of moving water, a forest silent at night. What do they stir in you?

The voices of the mosaic of culture that form our country is what makes me most proud to be a citizen of this land. Je suit fire d'être une canadienne. (I am proud to be a Canadian!)

We are all in this together so, please be kind to each other.

                                                                      mind     each other.

                                                                      find       each other in each                                                                                             other.

Our existence relies in the persistence of the mind, so please share time with each other. It is wonderful to have a meeting of so many culture and the opportunity to share.

It was a dark and stormy night. Hercule Poirot was enjoying a Long Island Iced Tea. He had some Belgian chocolates on the side.

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