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Festival Prelude 2024

The Modern Publishing Landscape

with Marc Brick and FriesenPress

June 18th 2024 7:00 PM MT

We are coming back with another Festival Prelude with Friesen Press! 

The publishing industry today looks much different than it did a decade ago. In that time, self-publishing has outgrown its longstanding 'vanity' stigma and become a viable publishing option for many writers. The traditional publishing industry has also experienced great changes and as a result it just isn’t what it used to be, even for those who’ve found success within the system.

This webinar provides an overview of the modern book publishing landscape and gives advice to authors on how to successfully navigate it. We’ll discuss the general publishing options of Traditional Publishing, DIY, and Assisted Self-Publishing — how it all works and the logistics of moving your book from the computer screen to the bookshelf.

As always, all attendees will be entered into our free Manuscript Evaluation Giveaway ($499 value).
A graduate of the University of Manitoba’s English program, Marc brings over a decade of communications experience to his role as Publishing Consultant at FriesenPress. Marc’s supportive nature and passion for storytelling has helped hundreds of writers around the globe successfully publish books they are proud to have authored.
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