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Taking Notes

Writing Workshops hosted by acclaimed writers

March 16th 2024


Self Publisher's Guide to Marketing
with Marc Brick and FriesenPress
March 12th
Marketing is one of the most important elements of a self publishing authors journey. Whether you’re planning to make this a career or fulfilling a passion project, you’ll want to ensure you establish the right marketing strategy for your book.

This webinar will provide an overview of the foundational marketing practices needed to build an audience for your book prior to publication and in the long term. We’ll also explore the differences between hiring a company to handle your book promotion versus executing those pieces yourself with or without coaching.

Within the vast expanse of publishing, it’s easy for authors to feel overwhelmed. The goal of this webinar is to provide a clear understanding of your options, the marketing services available to you, and develop an informed opinion on how to best move forward in your publishing journey.
Attend this webinar and be entered into our FriesenPress Manuscript Evaluation Giveaway! (reg $499)
A graduate of the University of Manitoba’s English program, Marc brings over a decade of communications experience to his role as Publishing Consultant at FriesenPress. Marc’s supportive nature and passion for storytelling has helped hundreds of writers around the globe successfully publish books they are proud to have authored.
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FriesenPress is the world's only 100% employee-owned publishing services provider. Since 2009, we have helped thousands of authors publish over 8,000 titles. Part of Canada's largest independent book printer, Friesens Corporation, FriesenPress offers professional editing, design, distribution, and promotional support to those seeking to self-publish their books.
March 16th
North Studio, Moose Jaw Cultural Centre
Disquiet and Unease
Horror and the Weird with Drew Nicks
Entry by Donation
Horror has often been unfairly looked down upon genre but its importance and evolution can be seen throughout literary history. In this workshop, we’ll be examining the legacy of the genre, why horror is an important outlet for our inner selves, the importance of a great opening line, choosing which type of horror story you wish to write, traditional publishing vs. self publishing, and how to approach editors and handle criticism.
Drew Nicks is a writer of short horror and weird fiction from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. His short stories have been published by the likes of Hellbound Books, The Ghastling, Novel Noctule, Gehenna and Hinnom, Oscillate Wildly Press, and others. His fascination for the genre came at a young age.
When Pen Meets Pixel
Writing for Video Games with Tonia Laird
Entry by Donation

Sponsored by Saskatchewan Writers' Guild
This workshop discusses the different roles of writers in AAA and mobile video games and what companies look for in portfolios. The workshop will also include how to write a quest with branching dialogue from start to finish.
Tonia Laird is a Métis video game writer from Treaty 6 territory. She's written for the AAA studio, Bioware's Dragon Age 2 and the 2014 Game of the Year, Dragon Age: Inquisition. She was also the lead writer on the mobile game, Everlove: Rose, and created her own interactive novel, Poster Girl, through Fable Labs. She now works at Thought Pennies Entertainment on an unannounced community-driven Dark Fantasy RPG as their resident Lorekeeper and world-builder.
Writing Salon
March 16th
North Studio, Moose Jaw Cultural Centre

Free Entry
Stay after our afternoon workshop for our first ever Writing Salon. The North Studio will be open to all as a dedicated place to write. Write alone or brainstorm with other attendees. Feel free to use the space to let your inspiration grow!
"LitCon 2023 was incredibly valuable to me as a writer. Hearing from professionals in the industry, talking about their own experiences and working with them was a great way to spend a Saturday. I look forward to the next one!"
"Litcon was an informative and intimate setting. The workshop experience was was friendly, and engaging, and the presenters were knowledgeable and passionate."
"The LITCON events provide excellent developmental opportunities for writers, especially those in the earlier stages of their endeavors. I highly recommend LITCON!"
"The industry interviews were just what I needed. I want to develop the manuscript I have and make it better and there was a lot of good advice about where to go and what to do after your first draft. The interviews regarding traditional and self-publishing helped me determine which path I want to pursue. Amanda was well-prepared and a wonderful facilitator. She asked great questions and allowed the presenters to share their insights in an exchange that was both professional and personal. Big thumbs up to Amanda and the organizers of this event!"

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